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See what’s happening on your home/office Internet connection

What websites have the kids visited?

Who's hogging the WiFi?

Why's the Internet slow?

Simple, easy to understand low-cost (and no-cost) solutions

If you care about the online activity in your home or office, and want to see:

  • All devices & when they're used 

  • Websites visited 

  • WiFi hogs


mi-inta represents a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution.

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Plug into a spare port on your router to reveal all devices, activity, level of activity & more. From US$49 once-off; no sign-up, no subscription.

SpeedTestPlus on the Apple App Store
SpeedTestPlus on the Google Play Store
100M mi-inta
1G mi-inta

“mi-inta is affordable to buy, free to use and easy to implement….I am not aware of an alternative like-for-like product for home users”

“mi-inta gives you all this information in an easy-to-read format without needing to be a tech whiz”

“…which makes the mi-inta some sort of a unicorn in the current tech climate…”

Our Kickstarter Campaign is now closed and we are delighted to report that mi-inta was successfully funded!


Once our Kickstarter Early Birds are shipped, mi-inta will be available to order online. Register your interest below to receive a notification.

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Speedtechs mi-inta Web Activity Monitor Review

mi-inta gives you an easy way to take a deep dive into your network activity

Speedtechs mi-inta – Plug & Play App-enabled Internet Activity Monitoring Device

Speedtechs mi-inta Web Activity Monitor Review – Spy on your own network

How To Monitor Internet Activity On Your Router: Mi-Inta

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If you are looking for an app-only way to see total activity on your WiFi (i.e. how busy your Internet connection is), and you have a compatible router/modem*, SpeedTestPlus will show this today, for free.

* most, but not all, routers and modems are supported and you must be connected to WiFi

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Internet Activity Monitor with built-in Speed Test

SpeedTestPlus on the Apple App Store
SpeedTestPlus on the Google Play Store

Activity Monitor

Speed Available to You

Diagnose Speed Issues

Displays real-time total download and upload activity on your home or office Internet connection.


The blue arc shows the current download, and green the current upload.


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